Meet our owner

Appeeling Fruit, Inc. (AFI) has been in business of slicing apples since 1991. Initially, we supplied our apple slices as an industrial ingredient to bakeries that were looking for fresh approach, as opposed to the normal frozen or canned product. Let’s be honest, nothing beats fresh apples.

As a company, we began to visualize opportunities on the consumer level that would only come to exist with the ability to provide a with a considerably longer shelf life. Advancements in technology came along and provided us with solutions to make this possible. In 1998, we began testing a new Vitamin C type treatment which enabled us to package healthy, tasty, fresh, read-to-eat apple slices with an extended shelf life.

Since then, we have created various sized packages for individual, group, or wholesale needs. We were able to harness the demand from the fresh industry and help catapult the market of fresh sliced apples into a new era. The fresh cut segment of the marketing is growing at a tremendous pace. This growth and excitement has come on a broad horizon of stages, we now supply product to school lunch programs, food distributors, re-packers, and retail institutions.

We are excited to offer our customers a healthy, tasty snack that can eaten on the go, served for school lunches, or even in a party platter. Our products offer healthy alternatives to the everyday snack food products and find that together as a society, we have changed the term “snack food” forever. We believe that healthy living is part of happy living.

Stephen Cygan,
President CEO