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New  packaging

12 oz. Sweet Apples

Twelve ounce family size packages of red skin apples, just right for the at home snack or picnic time. This product brings a more economical approach to snack time and can be enjoyed for days if kept refrigerated. Shipped six units per case.

UPC 65832400900

Shelf life 21 days from date of manufacture

10 oz. Sliced Pears

Our Sliced Pears are a convenient way to enjoy fresh pears without waiting to ripen them on the counter. Available all year long.



12 oz. Sliced Honeycrisp Apples

Fresh sliced Honeycrisp with all the crunchy, sweet, juiciness that you have come to love in this unique, delicious apple in a ready to enjoy package.




12 oz. Sliced Green Apples

Granny Smith tart apples are used in this pack for the crunchy tart green apple lover.



12 oz. Organic Sliced Apples

Red sweet certified organic apples for the organic apple fan.



8/2oz. Sweet Apples

This stand up pouch is the most affordable family pack and is an easy way to pack fruit for lunch. AF_2ozRedApple

Organic Red Sliced Apple 6/2 oz

This new 6/2 oz bag stands up for a vertical presentation on shelf and is an affordable pack for the Organic customer. Organic-Red-Sliced-Apple-2-oz