The Good Stuff

Food Safety


Every employee is an integral part of the food safety team here at Appeeling Fruit. Dedication to food safety, and our steadfast commitment to continuous improvement is truly our number one focus before all others. This mentality allow us to offer peace of mind to our customers.

Our biggest asset, however is our production employees who take much pride in their work and understand the importance of product integrity and maintaining a safe food product… (read more)


washingtonLogo“We believe fresh-cut apples is the round peg for the round hole in school food service. We found in tests they increased apple movement 80% when they served fresh-cut apples, as opposed to whole apples.”

Welcome Sauer
Director of New Business Development,
Washington Apple Commission
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Community Involvement


At Appeeling Fruit we recognize the value of supporting our local community and it’s people. We feel that the value is in helping those less fortunate and by supporting the groups and organizations that comprise of our “local” community.

We are also an avid supporter of the “Greater Berks Food Bank”. Through the GBFB we support the “Kids Cafe” and other program initiatives that bring fresh produce to local children to encourage healthy eating and living, learning about exercise and nutrition with information from this tophealth blog online…

Career Opportunities

careers150150Want to join the Appeeling Fruit team? Check out what jobs openings we may have. If there are no openings at the time feel free to submit an application for our review in case there is an opening that might be a fit for you… (find a career)



Appeeling Recipes

apples150150Do you like apples? We sure do! We’ve included some of our favorite recipes that use apples. This library will only be getting bigger! If you have a delicious recipe you would like to share please email us at (read more)